West High’s Homecoming


Photo Credit: Hanna Hobson-Rohrer

Jaqueline Morales

On September 25, West High held their first homecoming dance in almost two years. After a very successful football game against Taylorsville High School (42-10), students forgot their worries for a night and danced under the moonlight on the football field. The field was nicely decorated with poles that were stringed with white lights and leaves to set the mood for the dance. Benches were also set out to sit on to take a break from the dancing. To say the least, homecoming night was a very fun experience for many students.

 Leading up to the Homecoming dance was the week of 09/20 – 09/25, where our student government planned various activities and dress ups for the entire school to participate in. Monday was pajama day, where students got the chance to go to school in their comfortable pajamas. Tuesday was sports day; students wore jerseys and hoodies from their favorite sports teams. Wednesday was a day to wear red and black and show school spirit. Thursday, well-dressed day, was a chance for students to show off their best outfits at school. Along with the dress ups, there were also a variety of lunchtime activities. The lunchtime activity for Monday was a three legged race, Tuesday’s activity was Twister, Wednesday’s was the Homecoming assembly, and Thursday’s was musical chairs.

The West High student government worked very hard to plan a dance that everyone would enjoy, especially after West’s two-year break from school dances. They’ve had some challenges with organizing and planning the event, especially with COVID-19. According to Alicia Du (ASW President) and Safiya Hamud (Assembly Coordinator), finding a location for the homecoming assembly and dance was one of those challenges. Usually the dance would’ve been held indoors, but because of some complications, it was outdoors this year. The Homecoming assembly was planned to be in the fieldhouse; however, it could not be hosted there because of COVID-19. The dance was meant to be in the tech wing gym, but due to renovations that was not possible. Due to these circumstances, both of the events occurred on the football field. Despite these, our student government did an incredible job planning and organizing the homecoming.