Shout Outs!

S/o to Little Caesars for always giving me free crazy bread
S/o to the library for not letting me eat my chips
S/o to Peter for not giving me a hug, I was freezing
S/o to Lil Pump for saving rap
S/o to my sleep schedule, you done screwed up
S/o to my physical therapist for healing me
S/o to Johnathan Cruz for being sexy as heck
S/o to Leslie Ochoa for not letting ANYONE be with John
S/o to Megan for not giving me fruit snacks
S/o to all the people I owe money to. I’m never going to have it.
S/o to Mrs. Laila for having your birthday
So to the cold weather, I hate the cold
S/o to the construction team by West. How long have you been here
now, 2 years?
S/o to Leta Armstrong for being a stand up gal
S/o to horchata
S/o to Costa Vida, I’ve eaten there all day last week
S/o to Frau Bernard and her homework room
S/o to all the people who had a child and continue to pursue an education