Overheard in the Halls

“If you eat 40 to 50 oranges then
your urine will be yellow.”
“Aren’t you supposed to NOT
wash in your mouth?”
“Ooh working woman…laugh at
my jokes.”
“All the weebs aren’t in school.”
“Is Bowser like a reverse scaley?”
“A: Why is it called West? B: Because
we’re walking…on the west
side of the Earth.”
“I’m going to strip my way through
“I became weird from him and then
I like surpassed him.”
“I don’t have a streak with you,
don’t talk to me.”
“Boy don’t touch me my shades are
“We’re just two straight bros holding
“A: Be natural, don’t be awkward.
B: That’s my natural.”
“Excuse me sir do you like thick
“My personality is dry ramen noodles”
“Babies are not dishwasher safe.”
“Give me a mirror, I’ve never seen
“Yeah I took all the big drugs, but
not crack.”
“Someone send me food…grilled
“Someone take my roleplaying virginity
“I used to get those. I’m a virgin.”
“Why is this classroom so hot? The
last one I was in was like a Costco