The Spooky Night for High Schoolers

Micah PG

Not to indict anyone or accuse anyone of a wrongdoing, but high school halloween can be a time of fun and often times, outrageous commotion. Whether you are still a person who participates in the beloved tradition of trick or treating, or you have grown of such a ritual and are the instigator of neighborhood raucous, halloween has something for you.

The first of many ways in which teenage students enjoy halloween night is by reliving their childhood, glory days by dressing up and asking homeowners for candy. The popular activity has been around for centuries, only recently morphing into the modern version of candy gathering. While younger children may dress up as their favorite superhero or princess, teenagers often become more creative in what they wear. Whether to expose their interest in more mature media or to express their different personalities, teens will dress up as more outlandish creatures. As a whole, teenage trick or treating may feel childish, but one characteristic of candy remains constant through one’s adolescent years is the delightful taste of candy.

If you are not one to indulge in candy, and want to incite more chaos, halloween is the perfect time to do so. Before proceeding, I want to dispel the belief that the police take the night off for halloween. While lots of crime takes place on this night every year, it seems tempting to join in such a cause. You may hear on the news, annually, how houses have been ransacked by potential teenagers, and this is not what I am encouraging. Instead, attending parties and jamming out to the holiday vibe is an ideal method to celebrate the childhood holiday. This way, the teenager can relax in their natural environment and also have an outrageously enjoyable evening.

If neither of the above methods seem to fit for you, do not worry, you are not alone. With halloween falling on a Wednesday this year, you may feel comfortable spending the later hours at your house, knowing school starts the following morning. Being the person to finally serve the prospective trick or treaters who ring the doorbell can be an enlightening experience. One could see their childhood flash before their eyes as they watch others walk up to the door and request a tasty snack, juist as they may have done years ago. This option may seem the most fruitful for those more prepared for the indoor and extroverted season.

Whoever you may be, Halloween is a time of joy and laughter. It is the only holiday where dressing up as fantasy characters and watching horror movies into the following morning are considered customary. Have a great time, but at the same time, be responsible.