Man Debates Whether or Not to Buy Acquaintance Gift

John David Mohr

Jeff Williamson, a local man in his mid-twenties, has been struggling with a question philosophers and many great minds have puzzled over for centuries: whether or not to get a gift for an acquaintance, a question thousands struggle with every holiday season.

Williamson is afraid that if he gets a gift it might not be reciprocated, or that he might come off as pushy in assuming his and the giftee’s relationship has progressed further than work acquaintance. Even worse, it might be seen as romantic. However, on the flipside, Williamson is also afraid that it he doesn’t get a present of some kind he might be faced with the difficulty of receiving a gift without having one of his own prepared.

According to recent health reports, Williamson has lost countless hours of sleep, with his anxiety reportedly growing so severe, he’s turned to smoking to ease his racing mind. Will he give a gift to his acquaintance and possibly face embarrassment, or will he not and potentially find himself unable to reciprocate a gift, looking like a horrible person and a bad friend? Williamson’s condition had worsened as the holiday season approaches. At press time, Williamson had resolved to keep a Target gift card in his coat pocket, just to be ready were his acquaintance to present him with a gift.