Gifts: Views From the Past and Present

Ashley Mercado

We are now living in a world that is full of technology and new things that can make your life easier. Gifts that we give or receive during the holidays are different now than they were 10-15 years ago. Because there is so much technology out there, there are so many things that someone can gift. A lot of kids nowadays want a gift that has to do with technology.

Almost everyone wants a smartphone and this is because it is very popular. It comes in handy when you are in need of games or the ability to check your social media. In the past, phones were a thing but it was not something that everyone wanted because they would communicate with each other in person. Now, everyone sends a message or a phone call to let someone know information, or to give a reminder.

Every year they come out with a new smartphone that contains newer updates that improve the quality of the phone. This is where everyone starts going crazy and if someone has it then everyone starts wanting one, meaning the majority of kids ask for this as a gift.

I asked many adults the same question: “What would you usually ask for Christmas and what would you usually get for christmas?”

Many of these adults responded with “I would only get one gift and it wouldn’t even be big because we had such a big family and everyone had to get a gift.” Much of the things they would receive would not be very big, either. It was perhaps a toy or sometimes a shirt, pair of jeans, or shoes.

What kinds of gifts do we get and give? We honestly do big gifts nowadays and they are also expensive gifts for adults and teenagers. But gifts for little children can get really pricy too because toys can be really expensive. I know for a fact that many teengagers expect a lot and that it has to be that little specific thing that they asked for in order for them to be satisfied. What I am trying to say is that back then people were just happy with whatever they ended up getting because it seemed like “gifts” weren’t such a big deal.