Sound Off


What is Your New Year’s Resolution?

“My New Year’s resolution is to become a better person than I was this year”

“To stop being insecure”

“To get above a 1.5 GPA”

“Doing homework and not be dumb, have hope for school”

“I want to go to college after I graduate high school”

“Help others out by doing volunteer work for the community”

“I want to be able to drive and be independent and work hard to get myself a car”

“Enjoy winter more because I normally don’t like being cold”

“Talk to more people about jobs to see what I want to do for a career”

“I would like to explore different types of opportunities so that I can have a better idea of what I want to do after I graduate”

“All I want to focus on is graduating I’m a senior right now and I’m already doing nothing”

“Basically to lose weight, start exercising and drink a lot of water because I don’t like drinking water”

“To get more sleep and stop procrastinating, start doing my homework and showing up to class”

“Live my high school life to the fullest”

“To be happy, not to fall for stupid guys because they’re dumb”

“At least each day I want to have a goal, so one day I want to try and experience something new something that I have never done before just so I can get that experience”

“To keep fighting for Native American rights. I’m planning on to do more activism for Native Americans rights cause more people need to hear our voice”

“Maintain a healthy body and not go over 3 meals a day or just stop eating unhealthy foods like a usually do”

“Work out more. When I need to do something I just get it done instead of putting it off like homework or just like life in general”

“Keeping my room and school work more organized and cleaning my room more often, planning out on what I need to do ahead of time better”

“Maybe saving money because I like money”