What Sports Video Game is Best?

Adi Helac and Benaya Zamir

During the professional sports season, companies and entrepreneurs try to make as much money as they possibly can. One way to do that is by producing video game versions of major American sports. Almost every popular sport, from golf to football, has been made into a video game. Recently we put up surveys around West high asking students on what their favorite game is out of all. Responses were predicted to be interesting, and interesting they were.

Varying from answers such as MLB, Madden, and Wii sports. The students of West high were able to pick and choose their favorites. Looking at the rather diverse results, West High certainly did not have a favorite game.

Going from the top to bottom, The Fifa franchise came out on top for West High’s favorite sports game, which makes sense, as the most globally played sport is soccer, with an estimated 250 million players worldwide. Fifa is created by Electronic Arts (EA for short) to create a yearly game that many refer to as “the beautiful game.” In 2021, the franchise sold 325 million copies across the globe. Fifa offers in-game modes that consist of building your own player and taking them through the vigorous path of the game. Creating your own team made up of your favorite players is a common practice. 

Coming in second place was Wii sports, which offers options like bowling, tennis, and ping pong. Another dynamic feature of this game is the progressively more difficult levels. For beginners, it offers the easiest possible opponent, and for higher level players, it offers an opponent widely known as “Matt” many refer to this pixelated man as an unbeatable opponent.

In last place was the infamous 2K franchise. 2K came into this following a rough patch in their games. NBA 2K21 was listed as one of the lowest games from the well-known website Metacritic. This website allows for their users to rate games based on what they think of the game. The public did not hold back, giving the game a 2.6/10. Many felt as if there were too many glitches in the game which made it unenjoyable. It seems as though the students of West High felt the same way as these users on the website.

Our survey also included a question about what students do and do not like about the games. Students felt that these were some things developers need to fix in sports video games: making the game easier to learn, the graphics, including minor league stadiums, making more options for the Wii sports people, fixing bugs within the games, and overall updating the games more frequently and effectively.

Sports video games cover almost every console and every sport across the country. From the die hard soccer fans in Paris to the blood shedding WWE fans in Texas, sports fans across the globe can enjoy these games. Whether it’s with your friends or alone on a saturday night, sports are always there to be played online or in person. In case you want to develop a game in the future be sure to include more than one game because it seems the students of west high aren’t too happy about single sport carrying games. Wii is slowly fading away from modern use and higher pixel products are coming out as technology strengthens, but, in 2022, Wii sports (which was made in 2006) is at the highest of our charts.