End of Season Report: Women’s Basketball


Photo: Alliony “Honey” Hamilton & Krystal Tupou

Mitch Wilson

This year, West’s women’s basketball team had their best season since they moved up to the 6A division a few years ago. After moving divisions, the women’s basketball had two consecutive seasons with only one win. This year, that all changed. Although this season had a slow start, with the team losing four games in a row, the team picked it up and finished with a record of 9-12. Statistically speaking, the Lady Panthers are led by Ebony Lealao, a junior who averaged 14.2 points per game. The girls varsity team also includes five other juniors, three seniors, two sophomores, and five freshmen. West’s girls basketball team is young and has a bright future.

The girls have been feeling confident in themselves, both personally and as a team. I asked each team member what they felt has been the best part of the season so far. The majority of them said the winning has been nice, but they have also enjoyed bonding with one another. Seniors CC Banz and Jenasiz Silva were grateful for their coaches, staff, and the opportunity to play with one another.

I had a chance to talk with Coach Solovi and see what his thoughts on the team were. Coach Solovi has been very supportive of this team and likes to help them expand on what they do best. During practices, the team likes to work on fundamentals, defense, and maximizing their end of the floor. “The output and effort they give all the way until the games” gives Solovi a good idea of who he likes to play. Some of his favorite parts of this season have been “watching the [team’s] progress” and seeing the girls play harder and succeed as a result.

West’s girl’s basketball team has worked hard to succeed this season, and it has paid off. If you see any of the Lady Panthers in the halls, be sure to congratulate them. We can’t wait to see them succeed next year!