Seminary’s New Bible Study Group

Autumn Zielke

The West High Seminary has introduced a Bible Study Group, a new after-school program. I interviewed Maisie Bayly, one of the members of Seminary Counsel, about the purpose, vision, and importance of the group.

What is it?

Maisie Bayly: Seminary is a religious class that is offered at West High in the seminary building, where we study the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and read scriptures from the Bible and the Book of Mormon. The after-school Bible study program is essentially a seminary class that is offered after school for students that are not able to fit seminary into their schedules. It is also shorter than your average seminary class, because we recognize that students have extracurriculars. Brother Hamilton teaches after-school Bible study, and he is a cool guy and a great teacher.

What is the purpose of the program?

Maisie Bayly: The purpose of the program is to invite all students who believe in Jesus Christ and also those who do not to come and worship with us. West High is a diverse school and there are a lot of students with many different belief systems. We hope that we are able to bond and connect with others over our shared beliefs and invite others to connect with us as well. Everyone is welcome in seminary.

How will it benefit students?

Maisie Bayly: I believe that it will benefit students because of the social connections and the spirit in the seminary building. Students can come to the class and meet other people who believe in the same things that they do and make friends because of it. The seminary building is also a dedicated building, so that is why we try to keep it clean and quiet so it can be a peaceful place to learn. We also believe that when we learn religious truths, we feel something called the Holy Ghost testifying that it is true. It can be similar to a warm feeling inside your body. The lessons that are taught in seminary help bring peace, happiness, and comfort into your life. Between the social connections, the feeling in the building, and the lessons, it can be a great way to end your school day.

What was the vision for this program?

Maisie Bayly: We as a seminary council and seminary teachers realize that for a lot of students, it is simply not possible for them to put seminary in their schedules. We also realize that a lot of students are not exactly excited to get up early in the morning to attend early-morning seminary. So, this is a happy medium: a way for students to still make it to seminary without the early hours. West is also such a diverse place, so we wanted to incorporate that into the seminary program by inviting others who share some of the same beliefs as us, such as believing in Christ. Everyone is welcome in seminary, whether you are religious or not.

Why do you think that this is important?

Maisie Bayly: I think that this is important because our religion encourages all to come unto Christ, no matter your background or circumstances. This is also a way for people who are curious about seminary to come and see what it’s all about for themselves. You can meet some wonderful people and be taught by excellent teachers! I also believe that it is important because taking seminary has added peace and happiness into my life, and I know that it can for the students of West High as well.

If you have any questions, come by the seminary building, or DM @west.seminary on Instagram!