Möge Tea? Yes please!


Photo: Our complete order: Yogurt Mango, Mango Pelileo, Strawberry Fresh Fruit, Creme Brûlée Boba, and Brown Sugar Boba.

Looking for a local cafe or somewhere to hangout after school? You should head over to Möge Tea, a boba tea shop, open from 12-9 every day! It is a straight shot from the north side of the school, about two blocks away. The cafe is aesthetically pleasing, with white bricks, white neon signs, marble-design tables, and bright lighting. They offer a variety of different drinks, including bubble tea, iced tea, and pudding milk tea. Boba or cheese foam (which is basically a cream cheese whipped cream) can be added to any drink. There are caffeine-free options, but they’re limited. Typically, the smaller drinks are $5 and the bigger drinks are $6-$7. As well, they offer different kinds of croffles (a mix between a croissant and a waffle) for around $5 each.

When you walk in, there are two big menu signs above the front counter where customers can place their orders. To the left, there are a variety of snacks for sale and to the right, there are a few tables and chairs to sit at. Also on the right, there is a claw machine filled with boba-themed plushies and restrooms toward the back.

We tried a variety of items on the menu, including the fresh strawberry tea with boba, the mango pelileo tea, the yogurt mango tea, the brown sugar milk tea, and a croffle. The fresh strawberry tea was really great; it was similar to a slushie, but with boba in it. If you’re not a fan of milk tea or prefer something sweeter, the fresh fruit drinks are a great option. Diya Dagar, who tried Möge Tea with us, got a yogurt mango tea: “It’s great. Mango is my favorite fruit and a lot of places can’t make it taste good in a drink and they managed to.” Andrea Ramos, who also came with us, got a brown sugar milk tea. She thought it was milky, with a tea-like after taste, but it wasn‘t the sweetest. Olivia Jiang explained her thoughts on her drink: “I got Creme brûlée milk tea. This is my first time ever getting boba tea and it tastes milky and chocolatey. It’s pretty good.”

         We tried a Nutella croffle, which is one of the non-drink options at the cafe. It was half of a waffle, with some sticky sweet substance (corn syrup) all over it. Nutella was on the croffle, though it had been applied sparingly. There was whipped cream and a strawberry in one corner of the croffle. It tasted like a normal waffle, but the price did not match the item. The croffle was good, but $2.50 sounds like a better price than $5.

One thing we liked was the cups the drinks came in; they’re reusable and dishwasher-safe. To quote Andrea Ramos, who tried Möge Tea with us, “The cups are reusable and I love that. AND THEY’RE BEAUTIFUL CUPS OH MY GOSH. I love the cups more than the drink.”

At the end, we decided on our ratings of Möge Tea. Diya gave her review: “I’d say it’s 4.5 stars. It’s an extremely good place, though I’ll admit it’s pricey; this is tiny for $5. It’s a cute place and it tastes good. The claw machine is kind of overrated, though.” Andrea Ramos was less satisfied with her drink: “It tasted okay in the first bit but as I drank it, I just didn’t want to finish it. So, my rating has changed to more of a 2.5-3.”

Our final ratings:







“You can’t give up on your boba just because you have one bad boba experience.” – Andrea Ramos