West High’s Cheer Team goes to State


Photo: Karla B, Kim, Quincee, Leslie , Natalia ,Karla B, Justice, Kenna, Tegan, Bella , Beka Johnson, Su Meh. Bottom Left to right- Hero, Jose, Josie, Rachel, Zoe, Nayeli Chavez, Alondra

Natalia Mares-Sanchez

In case you haven’t already heard, West High’s very own cheer team went to State Competitions, where they proudly represented West High by placing second overall. Because it may not be common knowledge, the structure of cheer competitions goes like this: Each team will prepare a dance, cheer, stunt, and a jump sequence showcasing a lot of tumbling and stunting tricks, and then will then be judged based on criteria set by the competition. If you couldn’t make the trip to the Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) campus, we were able to talk to Rachel Wallace, the co-captain and senior on this year’s cheer team. When asked about how she felt about State Competition, Wallace said “I feel like we all competed very well and we came together as a team and did our best.” As the co-captain of the cheer team Rachel has been able to see the team grow and become what they are now. “The best part of state was being there together [..] We definitely grew as a team and as a family.” Beka Johnson, a junior on the team, gave her opinion on how state went for both her and her team, “I feel like it went well and we placed relatively high.” Although it is her first year on the team, Beka also felt a sense of familiarity and family when competing, “The best part of state was probably after we competed and we were all excited and waiting for the scores.”

Cheer requires conditioning and hard work. Cheerleaders can be here at school practicing from early morning until late at night. This is obvious seeing that they have to prepare four sequences all lasting up to two and a half minutes. When it is time for your team to perform you begin with your prepared cheer sequence, which includes coordinated stunts, like the ones that you see on the sidelines of the basketball and football games. This year the team prepared a cheer routine completed with signs, and then followed by a jump sequence, and then a dance. After they have performed they were judged and scored.

Both girls interviewed have an insight on what they are excited to see in the future. Rachel says, “ I am so excited to see the team grow” and Beka says that she is excited to compete in state again. There is clearly a sense of growing not only as a team that will go on and compete in more competition but as a family that will always be there for one another.