The Importance of Art and Entertainment in Modern Media

Austin Gerrard, Entertainment Editor

I have worked as the Red and Black’s entertainment editor for half a year, and because I am leaving the class, I thought it would be fitting to use my final article to share my thoughts on why entertainment is important. I will continue to work on comics and manage work behind the scenes, but will be leaving West’s journalism class. I have loved working on entertainment. Without it, I believe that the news would be widely ignored and misunderstood. Art and comics can communicate certain crucial elements of the news that would otherwise be left out. Their humor can draw in those who would otherwise avoid important articles, and aid in bringing light to what is often a dark and depressing industry. The simplicity of comics can also be useful when conveying the opinion of an artist or news group, making ideas easier to understand while still keeping their core concepts intact. Even just the medium of cartoons can be a refreshing break from the nonstop news cycle. Apart from comics, entertaining articles, satire, word searches, and news about the entertainment industry are also important to lifting the mood of the news. Although important news is necessary, sometimes it is best to take a break from the world for a minute and have a laugh or solve a puzzle. At its core, the news is just as much about helping the public as it is informing them.