The Football Legacy

Anthony Bejar

West’s Football team has a long history. We can take it back all the way to 1898 when the mighty Panthers picked up the first of many football state championships. There have been many great athletes that have walked the halls of West High, but 2 specific ones that dominated the competition every time they stepped on the field were the Alo brothers. The Alo brothers always had a spark when they stepped on the field. From seeing them in the stands, you can tell right away that these two were different. 

The Alo brothers have a history at West: their father actually attended West High – He was a part of the class of 1999. When asked “when did you start playing football,” Johnny Alo replied with “I started playing football when I was 4 in Gonzales, Louisiana.” He went on to say that he instantly fell in love with the sport, he loved the workouts, and it all just became a part of him. When asked why he decided to go on and continue playing football, Johnny stated, “My brother inspired me to not give up my dream, we always dreamed of playing college football together so I made the decision to keep on playing.”

During our interview we went on to talk about Johnny’s biggest inspirations. He said, “my biggest inspirations have to be my family, the struggle, and the why not. I feel like everything you’ve been through helped you learn something in life, so just live your life for those who lost theirs.

To wrap up our interview I asked about their legacy: “Have any of your past family members played at such a high level?” Johnny replied with “Pule and I are one of the first members of our family to play at the college level”.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the story of two amazing athletes but even better humans, that have come out of these West High walls. We wish nothing but the best for these two men in their bright careers and even brighter lives. Once a Panther, always a Panther.