Meet West High’s ASW Student Government!

Austin Gerrard

Sophia Gosztyla She/Her pronouns Is the ASW Historian Works on the school yearbook Takes pictures and documents the happenings of the student council Enjoys all the opportunities available at West
Lily Dorval She/Her pronouns Is the ASW Secretary Is a part of NHS, Peer Court, the tutoring program, and West’s hockey team In charge of organization and communication Likes the bats at West
Alicia Du She/Her pronouns Is the ASW President Enjoys dance and taekwondo Enjoys boba and crème brûlée Works on the logistics, organization, and teamwork of the student council Loves how the student council helps the community and bring ideas into reality
Stephanie Vargas Landaverde She/Her pronouns Is the Diversity Ambassador Plays lacrosse Only ASW student council member who can drive Runs the celebration of us and helps West embrace diversity Loves how diverse West is
Safiya Hamud She/Her pronouns Is the Assembly Coordinator Is a part of the Black Student Union Plans and runs assemblies Likes how the student council makes West better for the students
Lavinia Fonua She/Her pronouns Is the Spirit Ambassador Plays volleyball and softball Favorite color is yellow Spreads and encourages spirit throughout West Loves how well the student council gets along and works together as a team