Wrestler Essence Charles and Coach Dominick Discuss their Goals for the 2021-22 Wrestling Season

Anthony Bejar

Start off with some new details about the seasons / any changes to the coaching staff/ and state returners/ any prodigies. Then go into talking about the biggest Challenge they will face this season / schools they vs or even academically wise. Then go into their main goals of the season by using interviews which will go around here , then ask the coach a couple questions and then finish it off with something that really gets them excited for the new season.


The 2021-22 Wrestling season will be a very interesting one. The team is coming off a very difficult season last year due to lots of injuries and COVID. The season ended up being very disappointing.


Now that wrestlers have been putting in the work this off season, I asked wrestler Essence Charles what her main goals are this season. She responded, “My main goal is to get to the state tournament and become a state champ.” I also asked what she is most excited about this season, and she replied, “the trips we take as a team, those are always extremely fun to do. We always make new memories.”

The Wrestling team has a completely new set of coaches this year, so I asked Essence Charles how she feels about her new coaches. She responded, “I loved our old coaches because they helped me perfect my craft, but I am also excited to learn new things from the new coaches and that’s always the goal: to learn more and become better.”

I caught up with assistant coach Dominick and asked what his main goals for his wrestlers this season are. He responded, “our main goal is to create good habits in our new wrestlers and get them a couple wins under their belt. For our returning and more experienced wrestlers, we want to get them to state and get some state championships for West.” Now that the season has started and training camp has begun, Coach Dominick says the biggest challenge for the team this year is “just getting conditioned and mentally prepared for tough matches, recalling everything we go over in practice, and making smart decisions.”

We can’t wait to see all of our panthers do their absolute best and make it to that state tournament.