Overheard in The Halls (October 2021)

“I spent all my money on yogurt”

“I like champagne without the cham”

“I’m 14- Aww a baby!!- How old are you?- 15.”

“Dude I don’t know why but I have the urge to trip you”

“Would anyone like some pudding I licked”

“Please do not put your hand in my armpit”

“He threw up in a Papa Johns restroom”

“I think this cookie chipped my tooth!”

“Lees is wayyy better than cali”

“You will die of salt”

“What is testosterone”

“I was ten in first grade”

“I’m not a human, I’m a stupid human”

“I like your boot, you look like a hot transformer”

“Nobody calls it a Jif (referring to GIF) Unless they’re a menace bro.” “Search it up, search it up.”

“the geo bee is for chads”

“um imagine not winning (couldn’t be me, hahaha i won)”

“MMM yummy hand sanitizer”

“I’m so suave (pronounced swavay)”

“Stop violating my eraser”

“Don’t lick my fabric”

“This is a really nerdy argument”

“And then he said susy- SUSY BAKA”

“I will start a communist revolution by my hand, and my hand alone”

“Stop dragging me, I am not your pet”