Swimming is Back for West High

Benaya Zamir

With fall sports done for the year, West is transitioning into its winter sports season. Swimming, wrestling, and basketball are all going to be competing and practicing over the winter, and they need all the supporters they can get. I asked veteran swimmer Caroline Cooper some questions on how the meet season will go and what students can do to support West athletes.

Although swimming is not always thought of as a team sport, swimmers have to work together to compete in relays. When asked about what West students can look forward to at swim meets, Cooper said that “swim meets are a lot of fun—the relays are especially fun to watch. They’re super exciting and the energy is really good. It’s fun watching the team work together since swimming is a mostly individual sport. And the relays, like any race, can be really close sometimes, which adds to the excitement of swim meets in general. ”

Now that in-person sports are back in action, spectators and students can also use meets as a chance to talk to athletes and coaches. There’s more to team sports than competition—the social aspect of these sports makes being part of a team much more enjoyable. Cooper herself mentioned that “If you’re considering joining next year, I’d highly recommend it, regardless of whether you have swimming experience or not. The team is very welcoming, and it’s a great opportunity to make friends.” Caroline has been swimming since she was nine, and has been a member of West’s swim team since ninth grade. She has had a lot of positive experiences during her time on the team: “West swim is a blast! Spending time with the team is great, whether it’s at practices, meets, or team nights (which we’re having a lot more of this year). Come support West swimming on December 2nd at Cyprus High School. And maybe dive into swimming at West next year!”