West High’s Afterschool Tutoring

Natalia Mares-Sanchez, Assistant Editor

Many know room T-134 as Ms. Barnard’s room, where she teaches German and PXP, but did you know that you can also go there after school for tutoring? West’s tutoring program provides students proficient in all subjects to help you with any work you need. I interviewed Powell Munro-Holzner and Divya Sundar, two students who volunteer as tutors, about their thoughts on our after school tutoring program. Both students offer help in subjects that they feel confident in. “We [can teach] most languages, nearly all the sciences at West, every math level, and lots of smaller subjects,’ says Powell, adding that you can find help with almost any subject at tutoring. I asked both Powell and Divya if they feel that they can see the benefits of tutoring students, and this was their response: “As a tutor, teaching a subject gives me a very firm grasp on not only if something works, but why and how it works,” said Powell. Similarly, Divya adds that “knowing how to explain a certain concept helps me better understand and review subjects I learned in the past.” It seems that this tutoring experience not only benefits the tutee themselves, but also the tutor.

If you feel that you could offer help in a certain subject area, feel free to go and talk to Ms. Barnard about becoming a tutor. “Tutoring is a great way to get volunteer hours. It is also a great way to develop skills in teaching and explaining,” says Divya. “The sense of community [tutoring creates] is one of my favorite parts of the experience. It’s also a really supportive environment: there’s no judgement at all.” A sense of unity is felt throughout the entire room; you can truly feel that these people are here to help you achieve your goals. After school tutoring and many other after school services give West a sense of community, and being part of these services has so many benefits. Whether you are seeking help or just want to volunteer your time, room T-134 is a great place to start.