Pandemic Recovery Funding for Utah Schools

Isabella Rodriguez

In July of this year, the U.S Department of Education authorized $205 million to be given to Utah schools as a part of their educational Pandemic Recovery Plan. In an article written on the U.S Department of Education’s website, they stated:

“Utah’s plan details how the state is using and plan to use ARP ESSER funds to safely reopen and sustain the safe operation of schools and equitably expand opportunity for students who need it most.”

The Utah school board plans to use these recovery funds to purchase a list of necessities for current and upcoming school years. The recovery plan will aid in things like expanding online school options, repairing the school, and buying personal protective equipment (PPE).

“Had we not received the additional federal funding, it would have been very difficult to purchase all the technology supplies used for remote learning. Summer school and credit recovery programs would have been paid for from district resources, which would have required cuts to other funding areas,” said Mr. Alan Kearsley, the Business Administrator for the Salt Lake City School District. 

Where West is concerned, a lot of these things are considered to be critical, especially now that school has moved back in-person. Luckily, the scenario with no funding that we presented to Mr. Kearsley was solely hypothetical.