The 2021 (Virtual) Spirit Bowl

Madeleine Jameson

West High’s Spirit Bowl this year will take place online due to COVID-19. So sadly, there will not be any of the usual activities such as the normal lip syncs or limbo. But, unlike last year, the 2021 Spirit Bowl hasn’t been completely canceled. There are lots of options for students to earn points at home. Just go to your class page on Canvas and look at your assignments list! The theme for Spirit Bowl this year is Among Us, the online game in which players must use deductions to weed out the imposters of the group. This game that gained immense popularity this past year is a fitting theme for an all online Spirit Bowl.

Despite the lack of in-person assemblies and activities that cannot happen this year due to COVID-19 precautions, Ms. King and the student body officers have made many of these regular Spirit Bowl traditions possible in a virtual way. On the day of the Spirit Bowl assembly, many students chose to put on face paint of their class color. For virtual Spirit Bowl you can join a Zoom meeting on March 25 at 3:00 pm with your face painted to get 20 points per student. Another popular Spirit Bowl activity that has been converted to an online format is Stuff the W, which normally happens in the field house where as many students from each class as possible fit themselves into the W on the floor. Obviously this activity could not take place physically distanced, but instead there were two zoom meetings, one on March 10th and the other on March 17th, that students can show up for to earn one point each. If you’re missing out on the class lip syncs, a comparable online option would be the Tik Tok activity in which students can post a West High related Tik Tok for 20 points. If you’re interested in participating just tag the video with #WHSSPIRITBOWL21 and make sure to keep it school appropriate.

Of course, the Spirit Bowl assembly is not the only important part of the event – Spirit Week in general has many fun activities everyday. Daily dress ups are a big part of the Spirit Week and students can still do this by submitting photos of themselves dressed up on Canvas. The dress up options are: cartoon, college shirt, pajamas, tropical, red and black, throwback, sports jersey, well dressed, and western. Any students can submit activities and photos on Canvas for points up until March 26.


As of March 19th, the Spirit Bowl point totals are as follows:

  1. ELPers: 5155 points

  2. Seniors: 5065 points

  3. Freshmen 2250 points

  4. Juniors: 2150 points

  5. Sophomores: 1975 points


The ELPers are currently in a slight lead with 90 points ahead of the seniors. The ELPers won the Spirit Bowl in both the 2018 and 2019 Spirit Bowls. Before 2018, only the Juniors or Seniors had ever won the Spirit Bowl. Help your class win the virtual Spirit Bowl of 2021 this year by taking part in the virtual activities Ms. King and student government have planned!